University Museums

Title:American pattern
Maker:Fostoria Glass Company
Medium:Glass, clear non-flint pressed
Object Number:UM2013.854

American pattern
Fostoria Glass Company

Title:Amethyst pattern
Maker:Cambridge Glass Co.
Medium:Glass, purple and silver
Object Number:UM2004.14abcd

Amethyst pattern
Cambridge Glass Co.

Title:Animal Motto pattern (AKA Be Playful)
Maker:Iowa City Flint Glass Co.
Medium:Non-flint clear pressed glass
Object Number:UM2008.27

Animal Motto pattern (AKA Be Playful)
Iowa City Flint Glass Co.

Title:Anniversary pattern
Maker:Jeanette Glass Company
Object Number:UM2013.835

Anniversary pattern
Jeanette Glass Company

Title:Apollo pattern (AKA Canadian Horseshoe, Frosted Festal Ball, Shield Band, Thumbprint and Prisms)
Maker:Adams & Company
Medium:Glass, clear non-flint pressed
Object Number:UM2013.846
Title:Arched Ovals pattern (AKA Concaved Almond)
Maker:United States Glass Company
Medium:Ruby stained glass
Object Number:UM2014.172
Title:Argus pattern (AKA Thumbprint, Concave Ashburton)
Maker:Bakewell, Pears & Company
Medium:Clear pressed glass
Object Number:UM2012.342
Title:Aristocratic pattern
Maker:Bryce, Walker, and Co.
Date:1870 and 1891
Medium:Non-flint, clear glass.
Object Number:UM2008.596

Aristocratic pattern
Bryce, Walker, and Co.

Title:Artura pattern (AKA Pattern #608)
Maker:Indiana Glass Company
Date:after 1935
Medium:Pressed pink glass
Object Number:UM2014.185