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Title:Atlantic Cable pattern (AKA Cable, Cable Cord)
Maker:Boston & Sandwich Glass Co.
Medium:Glass, clear pressed
Object Number:UM2016.788
Title:Atlas pattern (AKA Bullet, Cannon Ball, and Knobby Button)
Maker:Bryce Brothers
Medium:Clear glass with etching.
Object Number:UM2013.89
Title:Aunt Polly pattern
Maker:United States Glass Company
Date:Late 1920s
Medium:Glass, light blue
Object Number:UM2013.818

Aunt Polly pattern
United States Glass Company

Title:Australia (OMN Beaver Falls No. 67; AKA: Fern and Bird; Flying Robin; Hummingbird; Hummingbird and Fern; Thunderbird)
Maker:Beaver Falls Glass Co.
Medium:Pressed glass, clear
Object Number:UM2004.41
Title:Austrian pattern (AKA Fine Cut Medallion, Paneled Oval Fine Cut)
Maker:Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Comp.
Medium:Clear non-flint pressed glass
Object Number:UM2007.283ab
Title:Aztec pattern (AKA New Mexico)
Maker:McKee Glass Co.
Medium:Clear non-flint pressed glass
Object Number:UM2009.74
Title:Aztec Rose Band pattern
Maker:Jeanette Glass Company
Medium:Clear non-leaded glass
Object Number:UM2011.213
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Aztec Rose Band pattern
Jeanette Glass Company

Title:Baby Owl pattern
Maker:Westmoreland Glass Co.
Medium:White milk glass
Object Number:UM2011.245

Baby Owl pattern
Westmoreland Glass Co.

Title:Baby Thumbprint pattern
Maker:Bakewell, Pears & Company
Medium:Cloudy non-leaded glass.
Object Number:UM2012.301

Baby Thumbprint pattern
Bakewell, Pears & Company