University Museums

Title:Archival Materials
Maker:Sarah Grant
Medium:color photos on paper
Object Number:U2011.463a-u
Maker:Christian Petersen
Medium:Paper; black graphite or conte
Object Number:um92.357

Christian Petersen

Title:Armed Security
Maker:Jay Norwood Darling
Medium:Etching on paper
Object Number:UM82.154

Armed Security
Jay Norwood Darling

Title:Armed Security
Maker:Jay Norwood Darling
Medium:Zinc plate with acetate overlay
Object Number:UM2006.61

Armed Security
Jay Norwood Darling

Title:Arne And His Bride
Maker:Charles Barth
Medium:Intaglio Print
Object Number:U2001.6

Arne And His Bride
Charles Barth

Title:Arthur E. Thomas, Director of the Des Moines Airport
Maker:Christian Petersen
Date:c. 1930s
Object Number:U89.32
Title:Artist's Book
Maker:John Preston
Medium:Paper, ink, watercolor
Object Number:UM2015.64

Artist's Book
John Preston

Title:Arts and Sciences
Maker:George Christensen
Medium:Selium-toned silver print photograph
Object Number:UM2000.31

Arts and Sciences
George Christensen

Title:As the Old Lighthouse Goes So Goes the Elephants
Maker:Frank Miller
Medium:Ink and pencil on paper
Object Number:86.558