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Title:Abraham Lincoln
Maker:Christian Petersen
Object Number:U2007.11

Abraham Lincoln
Christian Petersen

Maker:Tom Askman
Medium:a: Bronze b: Bronze and concrete c: Aluminum and stainless steel d: Stainless steel e: Stainless steel f: Wood and brick
Object Number:U92.616a
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Tom Askman

Title:And Then There Were Five
Maker:George Longfish
Medium:Acrylic on canvas
Object Number:UM82.7
Title:Barefoot Beason's Barn
Maker:William D. White
Object Number:UM82.200

Barefoot Beason's Barn
William D. White

Title:Country Doctor
Maker:Christian Petersen
Medium:Painted plaster
Object Number:UM99.298

Country Doctor
Christian Petersen

Title:Do You Know What's Inside This Flower? George Washington Carver Mentors a Young Henry A. Wallace
Maker:Rose Frantzen
Medium:Oil on panel
Object Number:U2015.2
Title:Exquisite Garden
Maker:Susan Chrysler White
Medium:Acrylic on layers of glassine
Object Number:U2015.8

Exquisite Garden
Susan Chrysler White

Maker:Bobbie McKibbin
Medium:Pastel on paper
Object Number:UM2016.558

Bobbie McKibbin

Title:Ghost Dancer, From the Ghost Dancer Series
Maker:Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
Medium:Pastel on paper
Object Number:UM82.8