University Museums

Title:The Psalmist: A New Collection of Hymns for the use of the Baptist Churches
Maker:American Baptist Publication Society
Object Number:90.9.39
Title:The Public and Private Life of Daniel Webster
Maker:John E. Potter & Co.
Date:c. 1852
Medium:Paper and fabric
Object Number:80.12.21
Title:The Quest of the Golden Girl
Maker:Richard LeGallienne
Medium:Paper and fabric
Object Number:86.194

The Quest of the Golden Girl
Richard LeGallienne

Title:The Rational First Reader
Maker:E. Steiger Publisher
Medium:Paper and cardboard cover
Object Number:76.30.87

The Rational First Reader
E. Steiger Publisher

Title:The Rebel Generals Loyal Bride
Maker:W. T. Holland Co.
Medium:Bound paper with cardboard cover
Object Number:80.12.29
Title:The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Maker:Little Leather Library Corp. Redcroft Edition
Medium:paper and leather
Object Number:92.4.11p
Media File

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Little Leather Library Corp. Redcroft Edition

Title:The Schoolmaster
Maker:Roger Ascham
Object Number:86.10.4

The Schoolmaster
Roger Ascham

Title:The Smuggler's Cave and other Stories
Maker:Cassell and Company Publishers
Object Number:90.9.7

The Smuggler's Cave and other Stories
Cassell and Company Publishers

Title:The Starling
Maker:Caldwell Co. Publishers
Object Number:87.11.14

The Starling
Caldwell Co. Publishers