University Museums

Title:Belmont's Reflecting Fans pattern (AKA Blockade)
Maker:McKee Glass Co.
Date:c. 1885
Medium:Clear non-leaded glass
Object Number:UM2014.143
Title:Grasshopper without Insect pattern
Maker:Belmont Glass Works
Object Number:UM98.41ab
Title:Pitcher with metal bail
Maker:Belmont Glass Works
Date:Prior to 1893
Medium:Glass and metal
Object Number:UM98.52

Pitcher with metal bail
Belmont Glass Works

Title:Royal Lady pattern
Maker:Belmont Glass Works
Medium:Glass, clear pressed
Object Number:UM2016.750

Royal Lady pattern
Belmont Glass Works

Title:Spoon Holder (Spooner) or Celery
Maker:Belmont Glass Works
Medium:Clear non-flint pressed glass.
Object Number:UM2007.170