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Title:Beaded Ellipse pattern (AKA : Aldine)
Maker:National Glass / Model Flint
Object Number:UM2003.96ab

Beaded Ellipse pattern (AKA : Aldine)
National Glass / Model Flint

Title:Cord Drapery pattern
Maker:Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Comp.
Medium:Clear non-flint glass
Object Number:UM2012.290

Cord Drapery pattern
Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Comp.

Title:Manila pattern (AKA Wreath and Shell)
Maker:National Glass / Model Flint
Medium:Clear aqua blue with opalescence non-flint pressed glass with painted enamel design
Object Number:UM2013.678

Manila pattern (AKA Wreath and Shell)
National Glass / Model Flint

Title:Peerless pattern (AKA Number 300)
Maker:National Glass / Model Flint
Medium:Clear non-flint pressed pattern glass with applied gold flashed decoration around upper rim.
Object Number:UM2013.747

Peerless pattern (AKA Number 300)
National Glass / Model Flint

Title:Tacoma pattern (AKA Jewelled Diamond and Fan)
Maker:Greensburg Glass Co
Medium:Clear non-flint pressed glass
Object Number:UM2009.62