University Museums

Title:Spring in Snow pattern (AKA Stippled Cornucopia)
Maker:Bryce Brothers
Date:c. 1880
Medium:Clear non-flint pressed glass
Object Number:UM2006.92
Title:Tulip with Sawtooth pattern
Maker:Bryce Brothers
Date:c. 1854
Medium:Clear flint glass
Object Number:UM2012.49
Title:Tulip with Sawtooth pattern (AKA Tulip)
Maker:Bryce Brothers
Medium:Non-flint clear pressed glass.
Object Number:UM2006.24
Title:Wheat and Barley pattern (AKA Duquesne, Hops and Barley, Oats and Barley)
Maker:Bryce Brothers
Medium:Pressed glass, amber, non-flint
Object Number:UM2009.18