University Museums

Title: We Shall Know Iowa State by its Myriad Parts
Name: Mural
Date: 2007
Medium: Burned wood, acrylic paint
Dimensions: 240 x 48 in. (609.6 x 121.9 cm) each panel (80): 24 x 24 in. (61 x 61 cm)
Classification: Sculpture
Credit Line: Sarah Grant and Sticks, Inc. Art in State Buildings Sculpture for the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center.
Location: Iowa State University, Hixson-Lied Student Success Center
Object Number: U2007.19ab
More Information
Many educators and authors from disadvantaged backgrounds have written of the importance of learning to identifythemselves as part of the academic world. To succeed, you must see yourself in this mural of work, joy, curiosity, dreams and achievement. Celebrate that you belong here. A university is known by its myriad parts.
-Statement from Sticks, Inc.

Eighty wooden box panels, including designs incorporating each academic and athletic department at Iowa State University, are mounted to the walls of the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center. These panels, designed by Sticks, Inc. depict the vast range of work done by the students, faculty and staff of Iowa State. Sticks summarizes the mural in the following way:

Student's academic success depends upon being able to identify themselves as part of the academic world.Each student entering the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center ought to be able to envision himself or herself as a part of this varied mural and the university it celebrates.

Based on research of the 78 academic and athletic departments, this design allows each department its own distinctive style. In this installation, Sticks celebrates curiosity - the curiosity necessary to the success of current and future students. Also characteristic of Sticks art, this mural includes text within the "icon" boxes, as well as many other forms of language - from binary code to the symbols of the periodic table.

Sticks, a Des Moines company offering a distinctive line of furniture, accessories, and object art, was started by artist Sarah Grant in 1985. Sarah was born in 1953 in Rochester, New York. She was raised in Ames, Iowa and received her BFA in drawing
and itaglio printmaking from the University of Iowa in 1976. Sarah also holds two MFAs in intaglio printmaking (1978) and painting (1980) from the Univeristy of Iowa. Sticks has enjoyed national recognition for the decorative art objects it produces. Sticks' furniture and artwork is currently displayed in over 100 galleries nationwide. Sticks has also evolved to include major interior installation projects for hospitals, libraries, schools, restaurants, and hotels. The works of art in the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center were made using a collaborative process that involved many artists within the Sticks studio.

(from left to right)

1. Mechanical Engineering/Virtual Reality
2. Hixson-Lied Logo/”99 Scholarships-99 Counties”
3. Bio Physics/Polymer Chain
4. Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering-Production Process Diagram
5. Animal Science/Beef Cow
6. Swimming
7. Community and Regional Planning/Aerial View of Ames, IA
8. Astronomy/Bright Nebulae
9. Aerospace Engineering-Airplane Propeller
10. Finance/5 Day Chart
11. Creative Writing Program/Journal
12. Track & Field /Hurdle
13. Natural Resource Ecology and Management/Iowa Wildlife
14. Anthropology/Neanderthal Man
15. Volleyball
16. Electrical and Computer Engineering/Circuit Board
17. Golf
18. Agriculture and Bio Systems Engineering/Bio Energy Cycle
19. Accounting /Accounting Groups, Terms, Spreadsheets
20. Plant Pathology/Hands-Soy Beans, Corn, Rice, Apple
21. Animal Science/Horse
22. Education/Chalkboard, Books, Pencils, Ruler
23. Geological & Atmospheric Sciences/Volcanic, Middle Eastern Terrain, Storm Clouds
24. Food Science & Human Nutrition/Food Pyramid
25. Genetics Development/Human Anatomy, Cells and Cell Biology
26. Economics/International Currency
27. Entomology/Insects
28. Ecology, Evolution and Organism Biology/ The Tree Swallow
29. Landscape Architecture/Fountain Garden Plans
30. Statistics/ Graphs
31. Psychology/Head with Behaviors, Personalities
32. Physics/Charged Particles in a Bubble Chamber
33. Materials Sciences and Engineering/Application of Materials
34. Agriculture Education/Multiple Seeds Filling Course Objectives
35. Mathematics/Equations
36. Military Sciences/Military Seals
37. Civil Engineering/CAD Drawing
38. Cross-Country
39. Philosophy and Religion Studies/Religious Symbols
40. Animal Science/ Sheep

(from left to right)

1. ISU Excellence/Tassels of Various Degrees
2. Literature/Books
3. Foreign Language/Inspirational Foreign Words
4. Animal Science/Cash Cow
5. Softball
6. Chemistry/Periodic Table
7. Bio-Med Sciences-Vet-Med/Cat
8. Logistics/Truck, Train, Ship, Plane
9. Art & Design/Chiaroscuro/Geometric Shapes
10. Football
11. Human Development/Family Studies/Life Quilt
12. Biochemistry/Corn DNA
13. Marketing/Targeting your Customer
14. Agriculture Economics/Egyptian Peasant Farmer
15. Horticulture/Blueskies Rose
16. Civil Engineering/Bridges
17. Greenlee School Of Journalism/Typeset Letters
18. Agriculture Bio-Systems Engineering/Recycling
19. Soccer
20. Animal Science/Dairy Cow
21. Tennis
22. Animal Science/Swine
23. Political Science/Head with Political Thoughts
24. Genetics Development & Cell Biology/Cells
25. Design Studies/Color Wheel
26. Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management/Cherry Pies
27. Student Life/Crossword
28. Basketball
29. Agronomy/Soil and Water Cycles
30. Gymnastics
31. Business Management/Skills of a Manager
32. Architecture/Blueprint
33. Computer Science/John Vincent Atanasoff/Binary Code
34. Sociology/Venn Diagram
35. Animal Science/ Poultry
36. Music/Instruments
37. History/Events in World History
38. Wrestling
39. Interior Design/Design Board
40. Bio Medical Sciences/Dog Anatomy