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Title: Cup, Saucer and Lid
Name: Cup, Saucer and Lid
Date: Late 19th century
Medium: Porcelain
Country/Culture: Austrian
Dimensions: ***A) Ht 3 l/4 (7.9) Wt Di 2 ll/l6 (6.7) De B) Ht l l/8 (2.8) Wt Di 2 5/8 (6.7) De C) Ht l 5/l6 (3.4) Wt Di 5 l/2 (l3.9) De A) Ht l/4 (0.6) Di 3@ 5/8 (l.6) ea. B) Ht l/8 (0.3) Di 2 3/l6 (5.6) C) Ht 3/l6 (0.5) Di 3 (7.7)
Classification: Decorative Arts, Ceramics
Credit Line: Gift of Ann and Henry Brunnier. In the Ann and Henry Brunnier Collection, Brunnier Art Museum, University Museums, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.
Object Number: 2.6.67abc