University Museums

Title: Tulip Bowl
Name: Bowl
Date: 2000
Medium: Stoneware
Country/Culture: American
Classification: Decorative Arts, Ceramics
Credit Line: Gift of Gary and Marlene Olson. In the permanent collection, Brunnier Art Museum, University Museums, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.
Object Number: UM2015.35
More Information
Mary Weisgram is a functional potter whose ceramics are created to be used. While her pottery is built upon the belief of function, it is also exceptionally beautiful in its gentle forms and nature inspired glazes and decorations. Weisgram works with both porcelain and stoneware, within a narrow range of forms and colors. She finds that these limits challenge her to expand her creativity and allows her more freedom than one would think. She seeks to craft a balance between form and beauty, making a usable work of art that does not emphasize one over the other. Nature has long been an inspiration to Weisgram and it is evident in the organic nature of her muted color palette and her inclusion of leaves and other natural forms into the decoration of her pottery. She is attempting to emulate those natural patterns found upon a walk through the trees as wet leaves make patterns on the ground and sunlight dapples through the branches above. The beauty of Weisgram’s pottery lies in its subtlety as these are wares meant to be touched and used as dynamic examples of functional pottery.