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Title: Vase
Name: Vase
Date: c.1910
Medium: Blown Glass
Country/Culture: American
Dimensions: 15" tall. Neck 11 1/4" long with base bowl 6 1/2" diameter.
Classification: Decorative Arts, Glass
Credit Line: Gift of James White and the Estate of Margaret White. In the permanent collection of the Brunnier Art Museum, University Museums, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.
Object Number: um91.18
More Information
Iridescence is due to defraction of light reflected off of a roughened surface. The twentieth century iridescent styles are achieved by treating the glass with metallic oxides and then reheating them to create the desired effect. The technique was first developed by J. and L. Lobmeyer, but was made popular by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Fredrick Carter of Steuben Glass Works. Steuben was a leading ornamental glass art designer and created many glass objects using this iridescent technique, called Aurene.