University Museums

Title: Ornamental Gate
Name: Gate
Date: 1982
Medium: Steel
Country/Culture: American
Dimensions: 102 x 72 x 6 in. (259.1 x 182.9 x 15.2 cm)
Edition: 1
Classification: Architecture, Architectural Ornamentation and Elements
Credit Line: An Iowa Art in State Buildings Project for Lagomarcino Hall. In the Art on Campus Collection, University Museums, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.
Location: Iowa State University, Lagomarcino Hall, Courtyard
Object Number: U86.155
More Information
The Ornamental Forged Steel Gate is entirely hand forged. It is constructed by the same means that all ornamental ironwork at the turn of the century was fabricated and weighs 1,200 lbs. The design was suited to the age and construction of the building. The intent of this piece is to work in cooperation with the existing architecture and enhance the building's ornamentation. The side panels were made by Mark Knuth, Ames artist.

Dale Wedig, the artist, believes "that the public will recognize quality design and craftsmanship when they see it; in fact, it will draw their attention if it is outstanding. So often we see cheap replicas of objects that insult the integrity of all craftsmen and artists. The value of well executed work and design is its enduring quality of interest and fascination to the viewer. It is the responsibility of the artist/craftsman to insist that the integrity of his work be vital to his survival and promotion of his craft." Wedig's Ornamental Forged Steel Gate is evidence of this strong work ethic.