University Museums

TitleDateSorted AscendingMakerMedium Object Number
Perfume bottle1925-1932Frederick CarderBlown Glass, Aurene3.15.106ab
Poplars in Mist1920Marvin ConeOil on masonite panelum91.67
The Missed Leap1934John Steuart CurryLithograph on paperUM82.90
Circus Elephants1936John Steuart CurryLithograph on paperUM82.91
Love Me, Love My BoondoggleMay 9, 1936Jay Norwood DarlingPen and ink on paperU84.78
Design for First Federal Duck Stamp1934Jay Norwood DarlingPhotoetching on paperUM82.166
Blackfoot Childc. 1925Nickola de GrandmaisonPastelsum85.291
Rosesc. 1900Paul de LongpreLithograph on glass86.22.1
Pepper Plant1937Harold Malletta DeanWoodcut on paperUM82.221
Heart and Vinec. 1900-1920Fenton Glass Co.Glass, prssed3.15.98