University Museums

Sorted DescendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Pepper Plant1937Harold Malletta DeanWoodcut on paperUM82.221
Parisien Fashions1857The Peterson MagazinePaper13.15.2
Painting1890John G. BorglumOilum85.296
Love Me, Love My BoondoggleMay 9, 1936Jay Norwood DarlingPen and ink on paperU84.78
Les modes parisiennes1857The Peterson MagazinePaper13.15.1
Lampc.1900Louis Comfort TiffanyGlass and bronzeUM2000.78ab
Lampc. 1920sSteuben Glass WorksGlass, bronze, marbleUM2000.83ab
Holly Amber pattern1903Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Comp.Glass, pressed, golden agate color3.15.75
Heart and Vinec. 1900-1920Fenton Glass Co.Glass, prssed3.15.98