University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Media File 400th anniversary of death of Erasmus1936BronzeUM2019.119
Media File American Buffalo Nickel1938Copper and nickel compositeUM2019.120
Media File Anson Marston Medal1938Christian PetersenBronzeUM99.60
Media File Anson Marston Medal1938Christian PetersenBronzeUM99.61
Media File Boettiger Masonic Medal1938BronzeUM2019.121
Media File Bronze prize medal from the Glasgow Industrial Exhibition in 18871887J. MooreBronzeUM2019.116
Media File Christina D. G. Regina SveciaeBronzeUM2019.115
Media File Commemorative Coin1937Silver4.8.4ab
Media File Doughboy of World War I1917-1920Christian PetersenBronzeUM99.57
Media File Eli Lilly and Company Research Award1936Christian PetersenBronzeUM99.68