University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Media File Drachma - Alexander the Great wearing lion skin336-323 BCESilverUM2019.222
Media File Drachma - Artabanus II10-38 CESilverUM2019.227
Media File Drachma - Mithradates II + Nike123-88 BCEUM2019.228
Eli Lilly and Company Research Award1936Christian PetersenBronzeUM99.68
Eli Lilly and Company Research Award1936Christian PetersenBronzeUM2019.269
Eli Lilly MedallionChristian PetersenBronze.UM2008.543
First place prize medal for a girls’ commercial course at Clark’s College1923BronzeUM2019.117
For God and CountryBronzeUM2019.270
General John J. Pershing, Occupation of Germany1942Trygve A. RovelstadBronze.UM2019.301
General John Pershing1918Christian PetersenBronze, grow-grain ribbonUM2018.51