University Museums

TitleSorted AscendingDateMakerMedium Object Number
VaseJ. J. Niland CompanyglassUM2000.73ab
Mary Gregory patternGlass, green with white enamelUM2001.39ab
Ink wellJohann Loetz WitweGlass and brassUM2001.40
Versaille patternDithridge & Co.Milk white glassum97.123a-f
Rose Tree patternPre-1900Westmoreland Glass Co.Glass, goofus glass (no paint)UM98.56
Media File Relish TrayGlass, pressed, clearUM99.307
Bowl / Consol BowlTiffin Glass CompanyGlass, amberinaUM2002.37
Daisy and Button patternHobbs, Brockunier & Co.Glass, amberUM2003.84
Mary Gregory patternFenton Glass Co.Glass, clear with white enamelingUM2003.190
Media File Lemonade Set Tumblers (3)Northwood Glass CompanyPressed glass, green with white paintingUM2005.42abc