University Museums

TitleDateMakerSorted DescendingMedium Object Number
Hobnailafter 1924White or milk glassUM2011.218
Gaudy Rose pattern1905-1910Westmoreland Glass Co.White or Milk glassUM2011.227
Pin tray1900-1930White opaque non-flint pressed glass.UM2009.172
Diamond Quilted "Mother of Pearl" pattern (AKA Ruffled Top, Double Crimp)c. 1890Mt. Washington Glass WorksWhite non-flint cased air-trap glass and light blue top colorUM2013.674
Blackberry patternc. 1870Hobbs, Brockunier & Co.White milk glass, non-leadedUM2014.190abcd
EggWhite milk glass, blownUM2011.253
English Hobnail pattern1888-1985Westmoreland Glass Co.White milk glassUM2011.219
Straw Hat pattern (AKA Skimmer)1888-1985Westmoreland Glass Co.White milk glassUM2011.232
Lilly of the Valley pattern1888-1982Westmoreland Glass Co.White milk glassUM2011.236
English Hobnail pattern1920-1985Westmoreland Glass Co.White milk glassUM2011.237