University Museums

TitleDateMakerSorted AscendingMedium Object Number
Swan in Rushes pattern1888-1985Westmoreland Glass Co.White milk glassUM2011.257
George Washington patternWestmoreland Glass Co.White milk glassUM2011.258
Crucifix Cross pattern1903Cambridge Glass Co.White milk glassUM2011.259
Ale Glass or MugWhite milk glassUM2011.260
EggWhite milk glass, blownUM2011.253
Blackberry patternc. 1870Hobbs, Brockunier & Co.White milk glass, non-leadedUM2014.190abcd
Diamond Quilted "Mother of Pearl" pattern (AKA Ruffled Top, Double Crimp)c. 1890Mt. Washington Glass WorksWhite non-flint cased air-trap glass and light blue top colorUM2013.674
Pin tray1900-1930White opaque non-flint pressed glass.UM2009.172
Hobnailafter 1924White or milk glassUM2011.218
Gaudy Rose pattern1905-1910Westmoreland Glass Co.White or Milk glassUM2011.227