University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Wisconsin pattern (AKA Beaded Dewdrop)1903United States Glass CompanyClear glassUM2004.24
Wooden Pail pattern (aka Oaken Bucket, Bucket Set)1880's and after 1891Bryce, Higbee, and CompanyCanary yellow, non-flint glassUM2007.178
Wooden Pail pattern (AKA Oaken Bucket, Bucket Set)1880-1891Bryce, Higbee, and CompanyNon-flint amethyst glassUM2007.185
World pattern (AKA Terrestrial Globe pattern)1876O'Hara Glass CompanyClear, non-flint glass.UM2007.194ab
World's Fair patternc. 1904Westmoreland Glass Co.Pressed glassUM2005.43
Wyoming pattern (AKA Enigma)1903United States Glass CompanyNon-flint clear glassUM2005.281
X-Ray pattern1896-1898Riverside Glass WorksNon-flint emerald green pressed glass with gold flashingUM2006.97
X-Ray pattern1896Riverside Glass WorksEmerald green non-flint pressed glass with gold flashed decorationUM2013.661
Yoke Band patternEarly 1890'sNon-flint clear pressed glassUM2006.89
Zipper pattern (AKA Cobb, Late Sawtooth)c. 1888Richards & Hartley Glass CompanyNon-flint Canary or Vaseline glassUM2006.175