University Museums

TitleDateMakerSorted AscendingMedium Object Number
Diamond Point Loop pattern1883-1889Amber non-flint pressed glassUM2006.102
Maple Leaf patternc. 1885Gillinder & SonsAmber non-flint pressed glassUM2010.81
Purse pattern1887Jones, Cavitt and CompanyAmber non-flint pressed pattern glass.UM2013.740
Leaf Bundle pattern1893-1899Ohio Flint Glass CompanyAmber non-flint pressed pattern glass.UM2013.745
Daisy and Button patternc. 1883Hobbs, Brockunier & Co.Amber pressed glassUM2003.85
Gonterman pattern1887-1890George Duncan and SonsAmber stained and clear frosted glassUM2011.204
Thousand Eye pattern (AKA Daisy)1874-1891Richards & Hartley Glass CompanyAmber, clear, non-flint glass.UM2008.608
Amberina (AKA Diamond Optic)1885New England Glass CompanyAmberina leaded glass (amber at base; ruby at rim)UM2013.668
Daisy and Button pattern1880'sGillinder & SonsAmberina non-flint pressed glassUM2007.274
Window Panel1891-1893Mosaic Glass Co.Amethyst colored clear glassUM2012.295