University Museums

TitleDateSorted AscendingMakerMedium Object Number
Diamond Point Loop pattern1883-1889Amber non-flint pressed glassUM2006.102
Plate1880'sGlass, white milkUM2006.146
Plate1900-1920Non-flint clear glass, cold press decoration.UM2006.156
VaseLeaded, cut glassUM2007.201
Pres. Garfield memorial1881Non flint glassUM2007.267
Syrup JugClear non-flint pressed glassUM2007.278
Pin Tray, SouvenirManufactured in 1900 and laterRuby stained clear non-flint pressed glassUM2007.286
Sunken Buttons pattern (AKA Mitred Diamon, Pyramids)1880-1889Pale canary, non-flint pressed glassUM2007.288a-d
Cream and sugar1880-1920Clear flint cut glass.UM2008.34ab
Sawtooth pattern (AKA Diamond Point, Diamond, Gillinder No. 56, Cambridge Sawtooth, Crossett Sawtooth, Lumberton Sawtooth, Mitre Diamond, Pineapple (Lee), Mitre)Flint clear pressed glass.UM2008.36