University Museums

TitleSorted AscendingDateMakerMedium Object Number
Boy, Am I Glad to See You!Frank MillerInk and pencil on paper86.552
Castro Vacations at a Black Sea Beach ResortFrank MillerInk and pencil on paper86.557
Untitled: Two Geese Flying to the LeftJay Norwood DarlingEtchingUM82.151
PrintJay Norwood DarlingDrypointUM84.163
Nine Travelers- Canada GeeseMaynard Reece86.543
That's About the Best Deal We've Seen So FarFrank MillerInk on paper86.546abc
Some Big Shifts in the Cold WarFrank MillerInk and pencil on paper86.550
Media File BookcaseMark Perkins CleghornWood75.14.3
Postcards, cartoonsOrr Cleveland FisherPaperUM84.143a-f
There's Goldwater And Rockefeller In Them Thar Hills!Frank MillerInk and pencil on paper86.553