University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
A WomanChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.355
A) Places to Go
B) Animals I Know and Some I Don't
C) Hands Around the World
D)People I know
1996-1997Sarah GrantWood and paintU97.151abcd
Abraham Lincoln1950Christian PetersenBedford limestoneU82.133
Abraham Lincoln1933Christian PetersenPainted plaster.UM2006.139
Abraham Lincoln2006Christian PetersenBronzeU2007.11
Abraham Lincolnc. 1920Christian PetersenPainted plasterUM2013.45
Abraham Lincoln Roundel2004Christian PetersenBronzeU2004.59
Adventures on the New FrontierFrank MillerInk and pencil on paperUM2013.58
After the Blitz: Nude Woman1940Christian PetersenPaper; brown pencilum92.224
Agronomy Mural1951Christian PetersenBedford LimestoneU99.302