University Museums

TitleSorted DescendingDateMakerMedium Object Number
Untitled2017Mickalene ThomasUV Ink on Polymural Canvas, Nova Acrylic Paint, Speedball Acrylic Silk Screen Ink. Ronan Enamel, Gamblin Oil Paint, R&F Oil Pigment Stick, Precosia MC Chaton Rose Flat Back Black Diamond 20ss Rhinestones, Imitation Gold Leaf sealed with Zinsser Clear Shellac, Glitter (Black, Lavender), Liquitex Gloss Medium Varnish, Holbein Crystal Varnish, Crafters Pick “The Ultimate” Glue, Lucius Hudson Aluminum Strainers U2017.399
© 2017 Karen LaMonte. Photo Credit: Martin Polak.
All reproductions are restricted by the Artist, Karen LaMonte. Notcturne 52017Karen LaMontecast glassU2018.145abc
Innovation From Production to Plate2016Clint HansenGlass and ceramic mosaic tileU2014.47
Dean Floyd Andre2016Rose FrantzenOil on canvasU2016.1
Personal Growth2016Paul CooleyMixed media on canvasU2016.490
The Fifth Muse2016Norie SatoStainless steel and mixed media: Aluminum, glass, stainless steel, acrylic, ABS Plastic, steel, and other materials.U2016.506
Dr. Steven Fales (Chair, Department of Agronomy)2016Liza AmirOil on canvasU2016.507
G-Nomes2016Andrew LeicesterAluminum, paintedU2016.919abcd
Elements of Erudition2015Rebecca EkstrandDigital film laminated glassU2015.1
Do You Know What's Inside This Flower? George Washington Carver Mentors a Young Henry A. Wallace2015Rose FrantzenOil on panelU2015.2