University Museums

Sorted DescendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
What We Love About Iowa State2007Sarah GrantInk on paperU2008.567
Media File What We Love About Iowa State2007Sticks, Inc.Color lithographK2008.565
What is the Cost of Raising a Child?2003Carolyn Brown BraaksmaBrass, Bronze, and TerrazzoU2003.64
What I Love About Iowa2003Sarah GrantBurnt wood and acrylic paintU2011.306
What I Love About Ames2003Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylicU2011.307
Media File What Animals Do for Us: Reminding Us That Love Can Be Simple Without Being Casual2011Sarah GrantBurned wood, acrylic paintU2011.271
What Animals Do For Us: Reminding Us of a World Bigger Than Just Our Own2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylicU2011.279
What Animals Do for Us: Never Letting Us Out of Their Sight2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylicU2011.272
What Animals Do for Us: Loyal, curious, playful best friends2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylic paintU2011.274
What Animals Do For Us: Keeping Us Company and Away From Loneliness2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylic paintU2011.276