University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Blue Bandceramic78.16.67
Box and LidMcLoughlin Bros.92.2.1ab
Boy's Union Tool ChestWood75.12.1a-g
Buck's Junior 4c. 1900Buck's Stoves & RangesCast iron, nickel77.25.1
Buttercupc. 1925Bisque8.14.20aa
Bye-Lo1924Grace Storey PutnamHead: bisque Body: cloth Limbs: ceramic hands; arms cloth, replaced Clothes: cotton, silk, wool8.6.9
Candy pailTin91.9.90
Candy-cane of ribbonribbon74.16.201
Charlie Chaplinc. 1920Head: metal Body: metal Limbs: metal-one felt hand Clothes: felt, wool, metal collar8.10.3