University Museums

TitleDateMakerSorted AscendingMedium Object Number
Toy, Clown1920Schoenhut Co.Wood and cloth77.25.23
Toy, ArrowWood and feather81.15.2
Ancient WarriorMid 19th centurywood and metal8.22.22
Toy, Horse and Wagon1900Wood and metal92.3.1
White Mountain Junior1900-1920Wood and metal81.8.25a-e
Toy doll bedwood and walnut76.30.103a
Media File Feather treec. 1900Wood center of tree with feathers on limbs. Base is wood.91.5.1ab
Toy, chairWood, cloth76.30.101
Toy, Hobby HorseWood, cloth, metal78.17.1
Media File Toy, writing aidWood, glass, paper78.14.1