University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Toy, wooden wagonWood91.7.1
Media File Toy, writing aidWood, glass, paper78.14.1
Twas the Night Before Christmasc. 1920Tin Decorating CompanyTin, Lithograph91.9.91
Uncle Bimc. 1925Bisque8.14.20l
Uncle Waltc. 1925Bisque8.14.20g
Variation of Alice in Wonderlandc. 1890Head: bisque Body: cloth Limbs: bisque-feet with cloth8.6.2
Wheezerc. 1930Bisque8.14.20b
White Mountain Junior1900-1920Wood and metal81.8.25a-e
Widow Zanderc. 1925Bisque8.14.20z
Winnie Winklec. 1925Bisque8.14.20kk