University Museums

TitleDateMakerSorted AscendingMedium Object Number
The Earth and it's Inhabitants: Common School Geography1875Charles Scribner's Sons83.7.1
The New Steam Carriage80.6.2
Sowing and Reaping (Cranston & Stowe)Cranston & Stowe Publishers81.3.1
Media File The Lady of The Lake1900MacMillan Publishers80.11.8
Vanity FairRandom House Publisher80.12.25
Centenary Orations1882E. B. Treat Publishers80.12.34
Men and Times of the Revolution1856Dana & Company Publishers80.12.41
Media File The Old Gaurd of Napoleon1851Charles Scribner's Sons80.12.40
Yesterdays With Authors1885Houghton, Mifflin & Co.80.12.43
Nine Travelers- Canada GeeseMaynard Reece86.543