University Museums

TitleSorted AscendingDateMakerMedium Object Number
Media File PostcardPaper86.16.4
Media File PostcardPaper86.16.8
WaldenDavid ThoreauPaper and fabric86.199
Dickens' Works: Pickwick PapersCharles DickensPaper and cloth80.12.8n
Dickens' Work: Dombey and SonCharles DickensPaper and cloth80.12.8o
Christmas cardsSackett & Wilhelms Lithographing & Printing Co.paperUM80.14ab
Farm FestivalsWill CarletonPaper80.20.1
Margaret Hall & President AB StormsGlass80.4.1
The New Steam Carriage80.6.2
Rice PaperHsi ChengRice Paper81.1ab