University Museums

Sorted DescendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Adonijah Strong Welch, President, Iowa State College, 1868-18831937Othmar HofflerOil on linenU84.35
A Tribute to Dr.Lauren La Roy Christian2000Youssef AsarOil on linenU2009.193
Media File A Tribute to Dr. David Glen Topel2000Youssef AsarOil on linenU2009.194
A Scene from Western Iowa2000Youssef AsarOil on canvasU2009.160
A Scene from Spencer, Iowa1998Youssef AsarOil on canvasU2009.152
A Scene from Central Iowa2000Youssef AsarOil on CanvasU2009.150
A Great Night For Skywatching1985Lisa K. HouckWatercolorU86.394
A Fall Scene of Curtiss Hall1998Youssef AsarWatercolorU2009.197
21 Iris2000Mary Kline-MisolOil on canvasU2001.243