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Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Wallace1938Christian PetersenPainted PlasterUM99.300
Walrus1996Johnny AppaqaqSerpentine, antlerUM2014.51
Walrus1997Appa JosephieSerpentine, Caribou antlerUM2014.62
Walrus1999Leo UttaqSerpentine, antlerUM2014.99
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Warning-Biohazard1991Andrew LeicesterTerra-cottaU91.73
We Love Them Simply Because They Love Us Back2011Sarah GrantBurned wood, acryllic paint, copperU2011.270
We Shall Know Iowa State by its Myriad Parts2007Sarah GrantBurned wood, acrylic paintU2007.19ab
Wedding Ring1991Mayda JensenConcreteU91.38
Welcome To Iowa State University2009Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylic paintU2009.180
Whale1990Oviloo TunnillieSerpentineUM2014.95