University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Welcome To Iowa State University2009Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylic paintU2009.180
Whale1990Oviloo TunnillieSerpentineUM2014.95
What Animals Do for Us: Affectionate attention givers knowing our moods & what makes us happy2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylicU2011.273
What Animals Do For Us: At the Ready For a Walk, a Run, a Hunt or the Toss of a Toy2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylic paintU2011.277
What Animals Do For Us: Begging Us to Go With Them Into the WIld2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylicU2011.275
What Animals Do For Us: Friends...Fur & Feathers, Silky Manes, Scales and Whiskers, the Sound of Song2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and Acrylic paintU2011.278
What Animals Do For Us: Keeping Us Company and Away From Loneliness2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylic paintU2011.276
What Animals Do for Us: Loyal, curious, playful best friends2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylic paintU2011.274
What Animals Do for Us: Never Letting Us Out of Their Sight2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylicU2011.272
What Animals Do For Us: Reminding Us of a World Bigger Than Just Our Own2011Sarah GrantBurned wood and acrylicU2011.279