University Museums

TitleDateSorted AscendingMakerMedium Object Number
Teamwork1994Nina de Creeft WardCeramicU95.61ab
Shoulders of Giants1998Nina de Creeft WardLow fired clay with oxides and light glazeU98.10ab
Sculpture, GoatNina de Creeft WardUM2016.460
Sculpture, DonkeyNina de Creeft WardUM2016.461
SculpturesNina de Creeft WardUM2016.462a-e
Sleeping Yorkshire Baby PigNina de Creeft WardFiberUM2016.463
SculptureJudith WhipplePaper, painted, mixed mediaUM2019.24
Title to the work shall remain with the artist until the time of delivery to the Brunnier/AISB Program, upon which time title shall pass directly to the Brunnier/AISB Program.  The Brunnier?AISB Program shall have complete authority to reproduce work in books, art magazines, exhibit catalogues or related non-commercial purposes, provided that any such reproduction be accompanied by the artist's copyright notice.  The artist reserves all rights to reproduce or to copy the work and all related rights under any copyright laws to which the work may be subject. Carom1986Bruce WhiteHigh strength aluminum, paintedU86.504
Sculpture1980sSidney T. K. YeeCeramicUM2016.361
Bowl1985Mary Ann "Toots" ZynskyGlass threads (filet-de-verre)UM2004.127