University Museums

TitleSorted AscendingDateMakerMedium Object Number
Sketch of Three Figures, One with Arms Extended UpwardChristian PetersenPaper, black graphite or conteum92.106
SketchChristian PetersenPaper, black graphite or conteum92.107
Sketch of Three FiguresChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.108
SketchChristian PetersenCharcoal pencilum92.109
Untitled (Ampitheater Dream)Christian PetersenPaper, Black graphite or conteum92.11
Nun Comforting a ChildChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.110
Sketch of FountainChristian PetersenPaper, black graphite or conteum92.113
Virgin Mary Holding JesusChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.114
Sketches of a BearChristian PetersenCharcoal, paperum92.115
Sketch for a CourtChristian PetersenPaper and charcoalum92.116