University Museums

TitleSorted AscendingDateMakerMedium Object Number
Sketch of a Woman ReleasingChristian PetersenBrown pencil and paperum92.118
Profile of a BoyChristian PetersenCharcoal and paperum92.119
Sketches of Three Figures KneelingChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.121
Three Sketches of a Child's FaceChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.122
Two Sketches of a Mary PetersenChristian PetersenPaper, black graphite or conteum92.124
Sketches of a WomanChristian PetersenPaper, black and colored pencilum92.125
Figures in Various Athletic PositionsChristian PetersenPaper, brown pencilum92.126a
Two Men Working on an AnimalChristian PetersenPaper, brown pencilum92.126b
Sketch of a Nude Woman Holding an UrnChristian PetersenPaper, black graphite or conteum92.129
Ampitheater Concept StudyChristian PetersenPaper, Charcoalum92.13