University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Sketches of a Baseball Player and Tennis Playerc. 1936Christian Petersenpaper, black graphite or conteum92.22
Sketches of a BearChristian PetersenCharcoal, paperum92.115
Sketches of a Boy and a Girl and FlowersChristian PetersenPaper; color pencilum92.188b
Sketches of a Building InteriorChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.151a
Sketches of a CatChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.51
Sketches of a Mary Petersen Reading and WritingChristian PetersenPaper, black graphite or conteum92.130
Sketches of a PriestChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.392
Sketches of a Religious StatueChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.233
Sketches of a Religous FigureChristian PetersenPaper and brown pencilum92.261
Sketches of a Runner, Dr. Motionc. 1936Christian PetersenPaper, black graphite or conteum92.34