University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Woman Holding ChildChristian PetersenPaper, black graphite or conteum92.24
Woman in a CircleChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteUM92.284a
Woman in a CloakChristian PetersenBrown ink on paper, within sketchbookum92.319a
Woman in bonnetc. 1938Christian PetersenPencil on paperUM99.157
Woman Kneeling -- Study for St. Cecilia's Churchc. 1946Christian PetersenPaper; brown pencilum92.62
Woman looking at helmet and sword1943-1947Christian PetersenPencil and colored pencil on paperUM99.225
Woman SeatedChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.360
Woman Seated Looking at a BookChristian PetersenPaper; black graphite or conteum92.344
Woman Sitting on the GroundChristian PetersenPaper and charcoalum92.291
Woman Sitting with Arms Around LegsChristian PetersenPaper; colored pencilum92.376