University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Bowlc. 1875-1899Cloisonneum90.28
Ch'ing Pai Ware13th centuryPorcelain2.2.24
Cricket Cage1573-1911Porcelain2.2.85
Cup17th-18th centuryPorcelain, blanc-de-chine2.2.75
FigureLate 7th to 8th centuryEarthenware2.2.10
Figurine of the Bodhisattva AvalokiteshvaraLate 18th-early 19th centryBronze, gilded4.2.3ab
Goyu: Number 36 from the first Tokaido Road series (1832-34)1832-1834Ando HiroshigeColor woodcutUM82.38
Imperial Yellow Chinese bowlEarly 20th centuryGlass3.2.1ab
Marriage or Ceremonial Box1736-1796Lacquer on wood5.2.5abc
Snuff BottleMid 19th centuryGlass, carved11.2.9ab