University Museums

TitleDateMakerSorted AscendingMedium Object Number
Voltaire Romances1901Paper, leather96.4.17
Old Morality1867Sir Walter ScottPaper, leather96.4.19
Our Mutual FriendVirtue & Company PublishingPaper, leather96.4.39
Media File The Life and Adventures of Martin ChuzzlewitVirtue & Company PublishingPaper, leather96.4.40
Riley Farm-Rhymes1883Bowen Merrill Co.Paper, leather96.4.42
Frye'sElements of Geography1898Ginn and Company PublishersPaper, leather96.4.45
The Poetical Works of H.W. Long Fellow1869Thomas Nelson and SonsPaper, leather96.4.46
Seventeenth Century Lyrics (The Athenaeum Press Series)1899Ginn and Company PublishersPaper, leather96.4.50
Outlines of Clinical Diagnostic1901Alexander Eger PublisherPaper, leather96.4.51
The Comprehensive Letter Writerc. 1864Cameron Clark and Company PublishersPaper, leather96.4.52