University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Media File Blackberry Spray pattern1911Fenton Glass Co.Glass, custardUM2004.115
Media File Bowl1920Fenton Glass Co.Glass, Celeste Blue, stretch glass81.9.64
Media File Coinspot (Fenton No. 352)1910Fenton Glass, clear and white opalecentUM2005.207
Media File Daisy and Button patternFenton Glass Co.Glass, blue, pressedUM2018.137
Media File Daisy and Button pattern (AKA Hobnail Top Hat)Fenton Glass Co.Amber pressed glassUM2015.184
Media File Daisy and Fern pattern1910-1920Fenton Glass Co.Glass, pressedUM2016.737
Media File Garland and Bows patternc. 1910Fenton Glass Co.Non-flint glassUM2004.85
Media File Heart and Vinec. 1900-1920Fenton Glass Co.Glass, prssed3.15.98
Media File Hobnail pattern1900sFenton Glass Co.White milk glassUM2011.255
Media File Holly and Berry pattern (AKA Carnival Holly)1930-1939Fenton Glass Co.Non-leaded glass in carnival colors of green and yellow with iridescenceUM2011.265