University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
A Kentucky Cardinal1895Harper & Brothers PublishersPaper and leather96.4.57
Daniel Deronda1876Harper & Brothers PublishersPaper90.9.13ab
Farm Ballads1882Harper & Brothers PublishersBound paper with cover77.19.3
Farm Ballads1873Harper & Brothers PublishersPaper/leather98.4.3
Media File Farm Festivals1881Harper & Brothers PublishersBound paper w/ cover75.13.1
Farm Legends1887Harper & Brothers PublishersBound paper with leather cover77.19.2
Media File Illustrated History of Ancient Literature1880Harper & Brothers Publishers84.2.1
Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica1895Harper & Brothers PublishersPaper90.9.29
Pudd'nhead Wilson1904Harper & Brothers PublishersPaper, cloth cover80.12.9b
Roughing It1904Harper & Brothers PublishersPaper,cloth cover80.12.9d