University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Alaska patternc. 1897-1905Northwood Glass CompanyGlass, pressed, vaseline with opalecence3.15.63
Alaska pattern (AKA Lion’s Leg)1897-1910Northwood Glass CompanyGlass, blue opalescent pressedUM2016.888
Alaska pattern (AKA Lion's Leg)1897-1910Northwood Glass CompanyOpalescent non-flint pressed glass.UM2007.270
Alaska pattern (AKA Lion's Leg)1897-1910Northwood Glass CompanyEmerald green non-flint pressed glass.UM2007.271
Belladonna patternc. 1906Northwood Glass CompanyGlass, green with enamal and gold flashUM2003.72
Bowlc. 1920Northwood Glass CompanyGlass, carnival81.9.65
Bowl1888-1925Northwood Glass CompanyIridecent blue/purple non-flint pressed glass.UM2010.59
Brocade pattern1897-1910Northwood Glass CompanyPressed glass, vaseline with whiteUM2009.54
Brocade patternNorthwood Glass CompanyClear glass with opalecent designUM2013.389
Cherry and Cable pattern (AKA Paneled Cherry, Cherry Thumbprints)1880sNorthwood Glass CompanyClear glass with gold and ruby flashingUM2013.390