University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
A Celebration of the Iowa Prairie2009Sarah GrantBurned wood, acrylic paint, and metal.U2009.181abc
A) Places to Go
B) Animals I Know and Some I Don't
C) Hands Around the World
D)People I know
1996-1997Sarah GrantWood and paintU97.151abcd
Baby Columns1996-1997Sarah GrantWood and paintU97.165ab
Media File Birdhouse Lamp1996-1997Sarah GrantWood and paintU97.178ab
Media File Children's Lamp1996-1997Sarah GrantWood and paperU97.167ab
Media File Child's Lamp1996-1997Sarah GrantWood and paperU97.168ab
Christian Petersen2000Sarah GrantBurned and engraved wood with acrylic paintU2000.69
Christina Hixson2007Sarah GrantPainted wood and wireU2007.31
Exercise1996-1997Sarah GrantWood and glassU97.161
Media File I am a Star Theater1996-1997Sarah GrantWood and paintU97.173ab