University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
CupLate 18th centuryRoyal ViennaPorcelain2.6.63
Cup and SaucerLate 19th centuryRoyal ViennaPorcelain2.6.68ab
Cup, Saucer and LidLate 19th centuryRoyal ViennaPorcelain2.6.67abc
Milk Jugc. 1770Royal ViennaPorcelain2.6.61
TankardLate 19th centuryRoyal ViennaPorcelain2.6.66
Tea bowl and saucerc. 1725Royal ViennaPorcelain2.6.60ab
Tea caddy and LidLate 19th centuryRoyal ViennaPorcelain2.6.69ab
Three footed serving panc. 1770Royal ViennaPorcelain2.6.62
Tureen, lid and plate stand19th centuryRoyal ViennaPorcelain2.6.65abc