University Museums

TitleDateSorted AscendingMakerMedium Object Number
Tacoma pattern (AKA Jewelled Diamond and Fan)1894-1903Greensburg Glass CoClear non-flint pressed glassUM2009.62
Tacoma1894Greensburg Glass Coclear non-flint pressed glassUM2009.122
Tacoma pattern (AKA Jewelled Diamond and Fan, Triple X)1894Greensburg Glass CoClear non-flint pressed glassUM2010.64
Florida pattern (AKA Sunken Primrose)1893Greensburg Glass CoPressed glass, clear with red and gold flashingUM2013.405
Tacoma pattern1894Greensburg Glass Coglass, yellow stainUM2013.425
Florida pattern1893Greensburg Glass CoEmerald green non-flint pressed pattern glass with gold flashed decoration around rim and accenting pattern.UM2013.730
Corona (AKA: Sunk Honeycomb)1894-1901Greensburg Glass CoGlass, clear pressed ruby stainingUM2016.916