University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
American Beauty pattern (AKA Rose and Sunbursts, La France)1910Cooperative Flint Glass Co.Clear with ruby and green staining and gold flashUM2013.406
Basket Weave pattern (AKA Co-Operative Flint Glass Co. No 110)1885Cooperative Flint Glass Co.Amber clear glass, non-flint glassUM2014.287
Basketweave pattern (OMN: Co-op No. 110)1887Cooperative Flint Glass Co.Vaseline pressed glass, non-flint.UM2004.18
Christopher Columbus patternc. 1892Cooperative Flint Glass Co.Non-flint clear pressed glassUM2004.84
Columbia pattern1889Cooperative Flint Glass Co.Clear non-flint pressed glassUM2009.88
CO-OP No. 44 (AKA: Lace Edge)1880sCooperative Flint Glass Co.Glass, clear pressedum96.172
Currier and Ives pattern1890Cooperative Flint Glass Co.Clear non-flint pressed glassUM2009.110
Egg in Sand pattern (AKA Bean, Stippled Oval)1887-1890Cooperative Flint Glass Co.Clear non-flint pressed glass.UM2006.165
Famous pattern (AKA No. 317)1899Cooperative Flint Glass Co.Glass, clear pressedum96.142abc
Media File Hummingbird and Fern pattern (AKA Bird and Fern, Thunderbird, Flying Robin)1888Cooperative Flint Glass Co.Glass, clear pressedUM2018.53