University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
3 Flying Swans pattern (AKA Swan and Cattails, Swan)c. 1890Challinor, Taylor and Co.Glass, amber and white slag, pressed3.15.72
Arched Leaf pattern (AKA Challinor No. 69)1880sChallinor, Taylor and Co.Clear glassUM2003.100
Jenny Lind pattern1866-1891Challinor, Taylor and Co.Clear non-flint glassUM2011.453
O.W. [Open Work}1884-1889Challinor, Taylor and, milk glassUM2005.129
Open Work (O.W.)1885-1889Challinor, Taylor and Co.Glass, blue milk pressedUM2016.661
Owl1885-1895Challinor, Taylor and Co.White/milk, pressed glassUM2016.576
Owl1885-1895Challinor, Taylor and Co.Glass, blue opaque pressedUM2016.577
Scroll pattern (Challinor No. 314, AKA: Challinor's Scroll)1891Challinor, Taylor and Co.Milk glass, pressedUM2016.742
Scroll with Star pattern (AKA Wycliff)1891-1925Challinor, Taylor and Co.Clear non-leaded glassUM2014.175
Toothpick Holderc. 1886Mt. Washington Glass WorksGlassUM2013.884